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Eekona Farm puppies are exceptional because of the intensive programming that Claudine does with them. The neurological and sensory curriculum she has for her puppies make all the difference. And of course the love and nurture she shows them is unmatched. 



At eekona Farms we breed with a purpose. It all begins long before pregnancy through the love and care that we give to our mamas and the careful selection of our sires. We ensure through genetic testing that the dame and the sire have no genetic issues being passed on to their litter. We are a small scale home breeder with only one to two litters a year. Keeping it small scale allows us the care and attention that each puppy needs to grow and develop through our advanced curriculum. We have a no compromise policy — from the food we give our Mamas during pregnancy till the day that they go to their FURever home. We help match the needs of the family to the personality of the puppy in order to create a win win for all.

Advanced Programming

Early Neurological Stimulation

At 3 days old we start Early Neurological stimulation. Research has shown that there is a small window in the puppy’s development where you can greatly improve their health through specific manipulations. After 16 days that window closes. Why wouldn’t we do all we can to improve their heart, adrenals and brain development. It’s a no brainer for us. It is time well spent for their future.

Early Scent Exposure

Early scent introduction also starts at 3 days old. We expose the puppy  to a new scent every day for 14 days. This creates nose awareness and confidence. Great for dogs who have a future as diabetic assistance, tracking or hunting. Our puppies are bred with a purpose.

Gentle Handling

We begin gentle handling exercises at 2 weeks of age. This is to teach the puppies to have a relationship with humans and be used to situations later in life where they will need to accept variations of touch. This will help them be less fearful of the vet’s examinations, grooming, and young children playing with them, to name a few. We teach them young that their relationship with humans is a kind, loving and safe friendship.

Potty Training

Puppies naturally do not want to soil their den.  We provide a potty area at three weeks of age to direct them where the appropriate place is to eliminate.  It takes time, and their bladders are small so they don’t always make it right away. But that is why we begin the training so young, so that it will help them and you when they go home.

Noise Exposure

At a young age we expose the puppies to startling noises because they do not fear sound yet. Startling them briefly and allowing them to recover desensitizes them to loud noises.   This will help them have stronger recovery as they grow and fear less in the future. A dog who can startle and recover quickly will be less stressed and more confident

Enrichment Activities

We want to build confident puppies who believe in themselves. We empower our puppies by stimulating and engaging them in a variety of sights, sounds, textures and encounters. We do daily, age appropriate activities to foster confidence and resilience. Our puppies are bred with a difference.

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